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08 februari 2019

Nieuwe Meetup op 14 maart

Stop staring and start fixing!
Achieve IT Observability with Elastic Machine Learning


Een Meetup door: Loek van Gool | Solution Architect at Elastic


While AI will eat your job, Machine Learning is just going to make your job more awesome instead. But when? The Elastic Stack has been very popular for searching, aggregating and presenting large amounts of logs, metrics, traces, and business data. Add ML to that, and watch your data tell you stories you didn't know could happen. Today Loek van Gool, Solution Architect at Elastic, will join us and take a plunge into Machine Learning's purpose, demos, APIs and inner workings.


18.00 - 19.00: Inloop met hapje en drankje
19.00 - 21.00: Meetup door Loek van Gool


Buitenplaats Kameryck
Oortjespad 3
3471 HD  Kamerik (bij Utrecht/Woerden)


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About Loek
Loek is an Elastic Solutions Architect in the Benelux and takes care of technical stuff. He helps users build solutions using Elasticsearch, the most innovative and advanced open source distributed search engine. He has a broad background in Business & IT consulting for small to enterprise customers with a heavy focus on data and web.

About Elastic
We’re the company behind the Elastic Stack — that’s Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash. From stock quotes to Twitter streams, Apache logs to WordPress blogs, we help people explore and analyze their data differently using the power of search.


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